L.A. Colors Treasure Chest

8:24 PM Laura 9 Comments

For some reason whenever I start a post I get the urge to say "Good morning!" and then I have to correct myself. I'm not sure why... 

Anyway. Today I've got another dollar store polish for you.

L.A. Colors Treasure Chest. I picked this up because it looked dupe-ish for Finger Paints All You Need is Color, which I've been eyeing.

I didn't want to go through the agony that is the the foil method, so I did one coat of L.A. Colors Sea Siren and then put one coat of Treasure Chest on top.






O. M. G. This was so gorgeous. I literally didn't want to take it off. The formula was lovely, easy to work with. It was a beautiful aquamarine color. Like... mermaid scales... yeees... that's it. Like beautiful sparkly sparkly mermaid scales on my wee little fingers. It made me want to put those stupid Kanye West sunglasses on and flash obnoxious condescending peace signs at people.

Fingernails deserve bling too.


  1. So gorgeous! I need something like this :)

  2. That is so pretty on you.

    I have this lurking n my untrieds. I really should drag it out and give it a throw.

  3. Love the intense sparkles!

  4. I'd pass you on the street and flash you with a peace sign in return! Sweet glitta goodness, that's happiness in a bottle and it only costs a dollar?! Jealous!

  5. @Vintage: You do! It really was spectacular.

    @Ice Queen: Thank you! And dooo eeeet! You won't regret it.

    @YK: They are indeed intense. It's fantastic.

    @Leslie: I got it at a Family Dollar. You should get it if there's one near you! Dollar Trees carry LA Colors too, but I didn't see this particular one there.

  6. The only family dollar near me is the GHE-tto, so I'll be sure to try and sneak over someday early morning and drag others with me for protection! Thanks for the tip and I'll let ya know if I find any!  hehe

  7. @Leslie: Lol, good luck!

    @Stephefc: Thanks!

  8. omg sdfadf agajkf so beautiful can I borrow this one please?!
    Yeah this looks fantastic and you should wear that on your birthday next year !! :D


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