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No new polish today, chaps. I figured I'd show you the joy and horror that is... The Foil Method.


Now, I know this looks rather freaky, but it's a good thing, trust me.

WEEMP, WEEMP, WEEMP (that was creepy Psycho music, btubbs)

You're probably thinking, What on earth are those useless-looking finger gloves for? Well, my friend, they are quite the opposite of useless. One of the things I hate most in the world (right up there with poverty, war, and people who don't wear deodorant) is trying to remove glittery nail polish. I LOVE glitter nail polish. It's amazing. But removing it just makes me totally not want to wear it at all. Which is why the foil method exists!

So, you basically take a little piece of cotton ball, get it all acetone-y or nail polish remover-y, stick it on your nail, then wrap it up in foil so that it stays there and doesn't evaporate. I'm not sure how long you're supposed to leave it on, I usually do it for like ten minutes and it wipes off easy-peasy after that. Taking it one hand at a time is probably best, since trying to do both hands at one time can kind of make you look like a brain-damaged declawed cat.

Voila! Clean (albeit slightly yellowed) nails, all thanks to the foil method.

I hope this was helpful! I know it sure helped me!

Comment comment comment!

- Laura

Because. Y'know. It's Jake Gyllenhaal.


  1. All I can think about when you say "foil method" is algebra. And binomials.


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