Revlon Victorian and a Funky French

7:35 PM Laura 6 Comments

Yola, folks. Blogger has been kind of derpy lately. Like sometimes the follower button won't show up or I can't comment. It's really annoying. Blogger, Y U suck sometimes?

Whatever. I needed to try out my other Revlon jelly, Victorian.





This was three coats, I believe. The formula was nice. It dried satiny, as you can see. It was kinda... meh. I wasn't really feelin' the love on this one. I probably should have put a topcoat on this one and that would have made it nice and shiny, but instead I decided to do something crazy.

I added diagonal black tips with CG Boundless Color Midnight Magic. I really should have left it like this. I mean, it wasn't amazing but it was interesting. But no, still I wanted more...

So I went the other way with OPI Alpine Snow. As you can see by my halfhearted cleanup job, I was kind of regretting it. So I decided to try to fix it.

Well, that was a mistake. I freehanded Milani Mr. Sandman in the area where the black and white overlapped. Yeah... I should have left well enough alone. Well, I've learned my lesson!

I guess less is more. Unless you're talking about glitter, in which case more is more. Always.


  1. Very summery! I like. Cool design as well. :)

  2. I like that color a lot!! It's perfect!!

  3. Blogger has been frustrating! I swear I've been following you (you've been showing up in my reader!) but today...I didn't see myself in your box. So I clicked it again. Ugggggggh.

    anyway, rant over. I think the mani looks great :) All I am capable of is painting single layers, so the fanciest I can manage is a layer of glitter over everything! :D

  4. @Vintage Makeup: Thank you! I wasn't too keen on it myself, not to mention it never completely dryed so it was denty all day.

    @Marina: Why thank you!

    @Larie: I know, I have to keep re-signing in to all the sites I'm already following. So dumb! And thanks! Glitter is awesome.

  5. Gosh I love that color!! It's like the unnamed salmon color from iFest! And I thought the black and the pearl looked nice on top of it but the gold was kind of overkill. ~*~* Sonia's Thoughts 2011 ~*~*

  6. I really like this colour/design combo. It just begs to be a little neater is all. I sympathise with the freehand issue. I'm less than useless!!!!


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