Unicorns and Yellow Kitties and Sunsets, oh my!

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My beautiful curly-haired friend Sonia gave me this polish for my birthday. She bought it because she liked the name.

Sinful Unicorn

That's a perfectly justifiable reason for buying a polish.





This is two coats. It was a little streaky and the formula wasn't what I'd call unicorn-worthy, but I made it work (see, I did gain something from watching Project Runway!). I thought it might be similar to a color I already had, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty.

Here they are under lamplight

Here they are under natural light.

I swear they looked slightly different in real life... Yellow Kitty was more of a butter yellow, it was slightly darker and warmer.

 Yellow Kitty, Unicorn, Yellow Kitty, Unicorn

YK, U, YK, U

Under fluorescent light they look nearly identical, but outside, you can see that Yellow Kitty is indeed a touch darker. Personally, they're too similar for me to want to keep both, and since Unicorn was two coats and Yellow Kitty was 3-4 coats and also had a really annoying formula, I'll likely be chucking the latter.

Anywho, since I wanted to camouflage the fact that all my fingers were not quite matching (though it was probably invisible to everyone else) I decided to do a little sponging since it's ridiculously easy.

First I sponged Finger Paints Dahlia My Number 2/3rds of the way down my nail, and then OPI DS Reflection on the top third. Kind of like a sunset, right? I really liked it but it was quite chippy. :( All good things must come to an end, including this post. Until next time, my dears!


  1. Looks really great, I love that it's such a mellow yellow. :)

  2. It's pretty nice, I must say. The name makes it even better!

  3. omg why does this have only 2 comments???
    Yay you used Unicorn!!! <3 <3
    And I LOVE the sunset-type thing. It looks absolutely GORGEOUS. You are becoming great at this, bro. I hereby induct you into the ARTIST CLUB!!

  4. Oh pretty! I've thought about buying this polish before, but I already have 2 bottles of China Glaze Lemon Fizz and I'm worried they would be too similar.


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