This calls for Confetti

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So I didn't even realize it, but yesterday was my 100th post! *\o/* Pom poms! Cheers! Huzzah! How serendipitous that today's mani is NYC Midnight Amethyst topped with Jesse's Girl Confetti?

Weird bottle shape.

Here's what it looked like by itself under lamplight.

Like my new squared nails? Me too. They're not completely square, but once they get longer I'll be able to give them nice, sharp edges. So watch out boys, I've got CLAWS! *meow, hiss* Of course it's not like I'll have those pointed razorblade nails. Now THOSE look dangerous.

Anywho, this was two coats, nice formula. It's kind of ish got red/blue shimmer. It's really pretty. I forget how much I like purple nails. I should have done a comparison to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple. *headdesk* I'm sorry I fail you guys.

Anyway, it provided the perfect canvas for layering Jesse's Girl Confetti.


Sun. Kablam! Holy cow. That is hawt.


Another one, just 'cause.

Yowza! This color is on fiiii-yah! I am feeling the loooove for this one. *swoons* Confetti is filled with tiny flakies that mostly flash blue but when tilted you could sometimes see reddish pink. 

I die.

Tell me you love this. If you don't, just... go... do something else. Jeez.


  1. I love both of these colors, especially the duo-fantastic-chrome! What's up with the fug NYC bottle?! Is that new or oldish?

  2. Love love Jesse's Girl Confetti!!! ♥

  3. @loodie loodie loodie: I think it's pretty new-ish. I got it about three weeks ago. Bizarro, isn't it?

    @MarShee: Me too!

  4. Nice layering! I skipped that NYC since I'm practically swimming in purples over here but it is a nice color.

  5. @Vintage Makeup: Yes! It is!

    @KarenD: Thanks! It's not really a unique purple but I do love it!

  6. Oooh, so pretty. I really like the cobalt blue.

  7. @Sonia: Do you mean the layering? It's not exactly cobalt, I'd call it more cerulean. But y'know. That's just me waxing technical about polish colors.

    @Ice Queen: Absolutely!

  8. Yay for the 100th post! *throws confetti*

    That purple is stunning. The two layered is... *swoon*.

  9. Someone fetch the smelling salts! Someone fetch the cold water!


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