Dragon Scales

7:51 PM Laura 5 Comments

Bon nuit, ma cheries. I do hope that was correct French. Not sure why I was feeling particularly French just now, but the world works in mysterious ways. Maybe it's because the polish I'm going to share with you today makes me feel like a confident French vixen.

Revlon Cherry



Er. This is weird. I don't know where this could be. It's outside, though.



Ooh-la-la! C'est magnifique! How striking! And only one coat, too. Very pretty but I have found that these top speed colors are a little weird. Usually if I accidentally graze my cuticle while applying, I can scrape the offending polish away, but the top speeds don't seem to want to do that. Ah well, after clean up, this polish is tres bonne!

Although, red nails *kind of* intimidate me. They require a lot of confidence. Hence le francais. So I thought maybe I'd do some Konading on top of it.

I used Milani Gold Lamé for the stamping. Don't know the plate, too lazy to go check.

Yeah well... it looked a lot worse in real life. It was just... amateurish. Ugh. Usually the full-nail designs are a lot easier for me but for some reason today was not my day. So I decided to try out another polish that I've been wanting to use... Jesse's Girl Firefly. I must have forgotten to take a bottle shot... and here I thought I was through that phase.

I knew I was going to love Firefly because I loved the show Firefly. I hope you know what I'm talking about. If not, watch this:

I really hope that motivates you to go out and buy the boxed set. Can you believe they canceled it? Ugh. 

Anyway, here's Cherry with two coats of Firefly.

Ooh... green flash.

And I've been just itching to use Essie Matte About You so I slapped that on there as well.


Kind of an unconventional combination, but I like it! It reminds me of this eyeshadow. Dragon scales is a good name for it.

You like?


  1. Nice combination! If that houndstooth is from the same plate I have, it's m63, which has given me trouble somtimes, too.

  2. It's the perfect shade of red that every girl should own! :D

  3. @KarenD: I have all BM plates, and the houndstooth pattern has worked for me before. I guess I was just having an off day!

    @Sandra: I couldn't agree more!


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