Nerd 101

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Since I'm now back on my lovely home computer with all my pictures on it (Ah, I love you, my sweet little Mac) I thought I'd show you how I made my Nerds nails that I entered in Leslie's contest. (I didn't win anything, by the way, but I greatly enjoyed it and I thank the 13 of you that voted!!!)

First of all, here are the practice ones I did. I couldn't do all the same ones since my nails were smaller than the ones on the wheel. :( I really liked the parachute one but my nails are too teeeny.

First I painted my nails the base colors.

Then I drew outlines in a Sharpie pen.

Here's the thumb (he's my favorite).

Then I filled them in with the main colors.

Lalalala thumb again.

I did their eyes and another layer of color

And filled in their eyeballs. They looked a little demonic at this point.

Voila! The final product. 

Another thumb one, just because he's the best...

Here was my station when I was done with it.

Aaand here's all the polish I used. There's a ton so I won't list it, but if you want to know just ask!

For my first freehand nail art, I don't think these guys are too shabby. You like?


  1. I like your little parachute guy too! There are some days I wish I had super huge alien fingernails just so that I could paint crazier designs on them.... Then I realize that's a little over the top and I would look nuts. Lol

  2. They are so cute!!! I would never have the patience for all of that o_O

  3. Yaaay! I like the nails without the nerds too - really pretty ohohoh <3 almost like Skittles or something.
    And gurl you best post what you bought at Nordstroms sometime soon |:D I will be waiting

  4. WOW I'm so impressed you drew those little guys :) Great color picks, too!

  5. So cute, I really liked your entry :)

  6. @Leslie: Don't you though? These were craaazy big. They were like the width of my thumb but twice as long! I held them over my fingers and I was like "Oh... yeah that's not gonna work."

    @Larie: It did take a while but using the Sharpie pen really helped. I think you could probably do the same thing with one of those nail polish pens but I don't have one in black. It felt kind of like cheating, but I got over it haha.

    @Sonia: Skittles is the term for them, m'dear. And I will be posting that tomorrowww. :)

    @GothamPolish: Thank you! I had to switch some of the colors around so that none of them would duplicate. It took some time!

    @Sandra: Thanks! I liked yours too. :) Italian is my favorite kind of food!

  7. so sharpie pens don't stain? how hard is it to remove sharpie nail art? thanks :)

  8. Well since I only used the Sharpie for the outline which was already on top of my nail polish, it didn't stain at all. And it came off along with the regular nail polish with acetone. I know some people like to use Sharpies for nail art on top of their nail polish because it's easier to do than with the nail art striper pens or whatever.

  9. These are absolutely adorable! NERDS are one of my favorite candies.

  10. Thanks! I actually don't care for Nerds the candy but the characters sure are cute!


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