The Crowning Glory of My Collection

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It's my birthday today, and to mark such a glorious occasion I decided to treat myself, and all of you, to something very, very special.

Oh... oh my. Could it be...?


Yes, my lovelies. It is. It is indeed.

My very first Chanel, Peridot. I'm not even sure how to pronounce it. At the Chanel counter in Nieman Marcus, I said, "I'd like to buy.. Pear-ih... dot?" and then I proceeded to count out $11.06 in change because I only had $16 in bills. Yeah, it was totally worth it. Here's a bunch of bottle pr0n:

I literally took over 50 pictures of this, it's so beautiful. I pared it down the best I could:

Amazing, right? I think Chanel puts magic in their polishes. That's the only possible way the magic that is Peridot could be explained. It is heavenly. The main color is a warm gold with a slight olive cast, but on the edges you can see bluish green, and when you tilt your nails at the right angle the blue green takes over the entire nail. It's stunning.

I used two coats, and the formula was flawless. So easy to control. It was the perfect consistency, and it went exactly where I wanted it to go. I've heard about Chanels chipping or having bad formulas or brushes, but my experience was quite lovely. In the sunlight, Peridot absolutely glows. It lights up like it has a million threads of gold running through it.

I cannot explain to you how beautiful this polish is. It was worth every cent.

I know this post has been long enough with all the pictures, but I have a few more in honor of my birthday haul.

A mini set of OPI's Nice Stems collection. I would have grabbed a full size bottle of I Lily Love You because it's absolutely gorgeous, but (unsurprisingly) Ulta was out of those, so I'll just have to stalk them until they restock.

Saints nail polish! My lovely mother got these for me along with a Brees jersey. :) The black isn't actually pure black, it's got silver shimmer, which I love.

Top: Coat Azure (given to me by Sonia), Lion Around, Fair Game
Bottom: Turquoise & Caicos, Trophy Wife (both given to me by Anna), Watermelon

Orlys: Space Cadet, It's Not Rocket Science, Star Spangled
Bottom: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape Matte, Sinful Unicorn (given to me by Sonia because she liked the name), Essence Forget-Me-Not

OMG! a englands! I LOVE the bottle. My mom and aunt collaborated to get me these since I've been mooning over them. I got Lady of the Lake and Tristam, of course. ;)
Also my first Butter London, Victoriana. I debated between this and Lady Muck but in the end the teal won, as always.

Phew! I'll wrap it up now, but I'd also like to thank my now 50 followers! I love and appreciate every last one of you. And hey! We're halfway to having some sort of contest/giveaway, so maybe do some PR for me? *nudge nudge, wink* Just kidding, but I'm itching to do a contest so I can't wait to reach 100! It's been a wonderful three months of blogging.


  1. I'm so jealous. My favorite gemstone of all time is peridot! I don't know that I would like the color on my nails though. Greens don't like me no matter how much I profess my love for them. I've been debating on getting victoriana myself, but it would be my most expensive purchase to date. So far I think the most I've spent has been $10/bottle, on my cult nails polishes. But I do consider GOSH Holo to be my most expensive/prized bottle ever since I know what it goes for on eBay. But I got it in a swap, so idk.

  2. haHA! (She said triumphantly) Anna's polish stays in the mix...but you don't really know if it's the one I gave you, do you?

    And holy mother of God, did you double your polish collection over the past month? Because that is a crapload of nail lacquer.

  3. SO gorgeous! Happy birthday!! :) Congrats on 50 followers dear!!

  4. @Leslie: I don't like greens, but this is really more gold. I haven't tried Victoriana yet but I'll do so ASAP so I can tell you how I like it! I don't buy polish more than $10/bottle either, unless it's something I've been wanting for a while and I have a special reason to get it.

    @Anna: Nope, I have no idea. I figured it was just fair if I attributed two polishes to you, and two to Sonia. And... mebbe...

    @Vintage: Thank you so much, chica!

  5. And I thought I posted a lot of pictures of especially amazing polishes. lol ;) But seriously, Peridot is a beauty and worthy of the full pictorial. It is so nice to have a splurge. Enjoy it! :D

    Nice haulage. You got some great polishes. :)

  6. I'm really trying to figure out if I want to make that splurge for Peridot. I saw stamping with it yesterday and I'm almost sold on it!

  7. @Ice Queen: I am enjoying it! I don't want to take it off, but I now have a humongous backup of polishes that need to be used...

    @Poetic Realist: Personally I think it was completely worth the money. I don't regret getting it at all.

  8. Oh yay! It's good to treat yourself! It's so easy to just pull out the bottle and go "ooooh..." and then your day is made! :D Gorgeous pics :D

  9. Peridot is just amazing! I must have it! :))

  10. @Larie: Yes! That's exactly how it is. I've just been admiring Peridot... it brightens my day!

    @Petra: If you afford it, then I strongly recommend it!

  11. Oh hahahahah YES
    I have to catch up on all your posts now so get ready for like twenty comments! The Chanel looks GORGEOUS <3 Worth the money and the awkward counter-counting, huh? :D
    And heheh you should use Unicorn. It will make your day maaagical!

  12. Many belated birthday wishes. Peridot looks flipping amazing.

  13. I put this on my WL like a month ago and I knew this was special even though I couldn't really find decent swatch pics for it. But you've shown it in all its glory.


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