Sally Hansen Sunrise, Sunset

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What an appropriate polish name, considering my last post about the close of Harry Potter. I went and saw the movie today and I am honestly speechless. It was just absolutely perfect. It just felt right, you know? I can't think of anything else to say about it. It was kind of beyond words.

Abrupt transition!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Sunrise, Sunset. The bottle shape is wacky but I like the little rhinestone.

Sorry for the weird nail edges, I had just filed so there were some shavings that I didn't get off. This is in shade.

Sort of in between shade/sun. If you biggerize the pic (click on it) you can see the shimmer




This is two coats. Sunrise, Sunset is an orangey coral with sort of an allover shimmer effect and in some lights at the right angle, it has a green shimmer. That's why I bought it, because the combination of orange-coral and green shimmer was so interesting. It's very pretty but the green shimmer isn't as strong on the nail as it was in the bottle. At two coats, it still has a *touch* of VNL but I'm not a VNL nazi so that's okay by me.

I think it kind of looks like what would happen if one of those orangey colored heirloom tomatoes had a lovechild with a dragonfly. That's just my abstract thought. Although I don't really know what their lovechild would look like, this would just be its color. Now I'm picturing an orangey colored heirloom tomato with dragonfly wings flopping around all over the place because it's too heavy to get off the ground. 

And this is why I usually filter my thoughts before they get to you, dear readers.

And that brings us to a close for today. Do you like this bizarre lovechild nail polish?


  1. HAHAHA, now I have the image of a tomato flopping around on the ground. HAHA, this made me giggle a bit. Unfiltered thoughts rock

  2. Neville was amazing. He sounded so Irish in it...

  3. Hmm I'd imagine it being an orange-y gold dragonfly. :) I like your weirdness, you remind me of myself in that aspect lol. No one ever gets me.. or my strange questions.

    I do like the color. :)

  4. Lol, but I enjoy your unfiltered monologue :D Now I have visions of a floppy tomato-dragonfly, too! One that is a beautiful shade of coral :D

  5. @Pixie Polish: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @Anna: If you don't make an on-topic comment one of these days, I'm going to delete you.

    @Vintage: Weirdos unite! And I like the color too, it was pretty unusual.

    @Larie: Apparently my strange thoughts are a big hit! I'll have to keep doing that. Yes, the dragotomato is quite a nice shade of coral.

  6. Ooh, I really like the color.

    And about the movie - it was the perfect ending for the saga, I'm gonna miss waiting for a new movie. :D

  7. I know! I'm trying to just ignore that for a while haha.

  8. Simple but pretty
    I think you should do a design on them or something to jazz this up!


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