Sinful Colors Seaweed

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You know those polishes that are ugly-pretty? Like, you see it in the bottle and you know it would look disgusting as house paint, bed linens, or jewelry, but for some reason it's absolutely spectacular on the nail? 



One of those colors.

Do you understand the importance of what I'm saying?

Sinful Colors Seaweed.

This is part of Sinful's Adventure Island collection - AKA the What, No, Of Course We're Not Copying OPI Again, Why Would You Think That? collection. This is their match for OPI Stranger Tides. They have a few dupes for other colors from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I was hoping for a OPI Steady as She Rose dupe but they didn't have one. Oh well! I'm getting on a tangent. Where were we?

Natural light




Artificial light

I promise you my hands were not that red under artificial light. In fact, they weren't red at all. It was surprisingly flattering, I thought for sure I would be sporting lobster mitts after I finished applying it, but my hands were still their beautiful, too-white selves.

I also took a trip to the mall and went to Sephora, where I decided to try out their black shatter as an accent nail. And then I put Wild About Shimmer over it while I was there because hey, it's a tester and I can use whatever I want. I am lemming it so bad, though...

Outside, it was in the evening so that's why the lighting looks a little different.

This must have been in the shade. I don't normally take pics so late so I'm kind of stabbing in the dark here.

I really liked it! I don't usually "do" accent nails but Seaweed could pull anything off. A lady at the MAC counter in Dillard's told me my nails were cute! I love it when strangers compliment my nails...

Anywho. This color was spectacular!


  1. Whoa oh, this is a milestone. Laura posted about a polish she wore days ago! Gasp!

    But yes, daahling, it's hideously beautiful.

  2. I. Understand. The. Importance. haha :) It is SO gorgeous!!!

  3. I still need a crackle. I still don't have one. :( I totally get what you mean about this color; it's not a classically appealing color (not sparkly, not bright purple or blue or something...) but it's so unique and interesting. Love it!

  4. @Anna: I've been doing it for like the past week, haha.

    @Vintage: Yaaay! I'm. Glad. You. Get. It.

    @Larie: I would say get black crackle. I don't have it (this was a tester) but I keep wishing I did because it matches everything, and it appears to crack the best from what I've seen of it.

  5. See yes I understand the importance
    Ugly-beautiful colors are GREAT
    Except for that one disgusting barf colored one at American Apparel. Dat nastay.


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