Butter London Victoriana

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**EDIT: I was trying to schedule this post for 7:30 tonight since I'll be out and that's around when I usually post, but I hit "Publish Post" out of habit and now I can't un-publish it. So. We'll just be a little off-kilter today. That is all.**

Okay, I forgot the bottle shot for this one too, but I promise this is the last one. Fo realz. Tomorrow totally has a bottle shot.

Anyway, today I've got Butter London *cough cough Seattle* Victoriana. 






I tried to get away with one thick coat, but as you can see there are a billion bald spots. They were less visible in real life, but that teaches me my lesson. *for shaaame, for shame* Anywho, the formula was okay but the brush was pretty thin and floppy. Kind of like trying to paint your nails with a sardine, or an earthworm. Ew. That would not be fun. 

The color is sort of an antiquey looking teal with tooons of silver microglitter. At first I was pretty disappointed because I didn't like it as much as when I had seen it in swatches online. but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me. It has this very chic, vintage look to it. I like it, but for $14 a pop the brush should be better. I might try other BLs but not for a while anyway, since they are muy caro (very expensive, I've gotta exercise my Spanish muscle every once and a while just in case I ever go to Spain) and I am on a no-buy for an undetermined amount of time.

You may remember that my last no buy ended horribly. Well, this is going to be a different story. I am going to make my last purchase today (the Grape Set Match grand slam duo) and then I am FINITO. I'm going to deposit all of my spending money in the bank right after that so I literally cannot buy anything. I'm saving up for the China Glaze holiday collection because it looks flipping awesome. If I could give up junk food for Lent (which I did, quite successfully) then I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

*beats chest and runs around in circles*


  1. It looks gorgeous in the sunlight!

  2. Gorgeous!!!! :) I'd be interested to try their polishes if 1. they were cheaper, and 2. they didn't stink lol

  3. You so did not do Lent successfully. You cheated on weekends, which, as we know, are the dessert butt of life.

  4. @Sandra: Yes, it does!

    @Vintage: I didn't notice the stank, but I was probably wearing my surgical mask. :]

    @Anna: First of all, you're allowed to have whatever you gave up on Sundays. Catholics have all kinds of loopholes. Second of all, I didn't even do it every weekend. So yes, I was successful. And dessert butt of life makes no sense. One more off-topic comment and I'm deleting you. I mean it.

    Anyway this is pretty in a simple way.


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