OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (Matte)

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Good evening and happy Monday! I am now at 60 followers, yay! Each new follower I get is really great. Hopefully we'll get up to 100 sooner rather than later. I could always make it 75, but that just seems... premature. 100 is just a very nice number. In fact, I think I'll do 101. Yes, when I reach 101 followers I'll have a contest/giveaway of some sort. Sound like a deal? I hope so.

Today I have something that I probably wouldn't have gotten if it hadn't been on clearance, because I'm not a huge fan of greens.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape - Matte. 
Yes, I taped down the matte sticker because it wasn't lying flat and it annoyed me. 





This is two coats, and you can see the boo-boos I made on my index and middle fingers. Le sigh. The formula was okay but not great, and as with most mattes dry time was pretty fast. But! A word of caution: even when it is first dry to the touch, it's not dry all the way through. I learned this the hard way and had to redo one nail. *glares at GGG*

It's pretty cool. I really like it. It's just... mellow. It's not really a bright green, it's just sorta... there. It's interesting. I'm intrigued. I don't even know what to say about it. I like it. Yeah.

Maybe you have something to say about it for me? Thoughts?


  1. Congrats on 60!

    I'm so jealous you have this nail polish, I've been wanting it for AGES!

    Hate the smell of most polishes though lol :)

  2. It's really pretty color, I love that types of greens. :)

    Also, congratulations on 60 followers, I'm sure you'll hit 101 in no time!

  3. I have the original formulation on GGG. I love the color, but it takes some building up. I don't think I'll ever get the matte version, just because I could always use a matte topcoat to get this look. Glad you were able to find it clearance.

  4. @Vintage: Thank you! I could always send it to you. :) And I wear a surgical mask when I play with my polish. No, I really do, lol. I think it helps some.

    @Sandra: Thank you! It is a nice green, isn't it?

    @Pixie Polish: Something about clearance finds makes them even better!

  5. Triple G! What a strange name. It's a pretty color, but mattes make me nervous :/

    Also, I tagged you for an award! Please don't feel obligated to do it, but I figured I should let you know. :)

  6. It is quite a mouthful. I know what you mean, mattes are chippier than normal polish and you have to be really quick with application, but I like them! And thank you for the award! I will definitely do it, lol. I love awards!

  7. Hmm, seeing your comment about the surgical mask ... wonder if I could get my husband to try one--he hates the smell of polish. :)

  8. oh oh! I love it matte, even better than the "normal version" of it!
    love your blog ;D kkkkk

  9. Yummy. I'm not a nail artist but I think I have a major matte fetish. As far as greens go - which is not very far - this is a good green, brochacho!

  10. Love the color, but I'm not a fan of matte finishes. I keep trying to like them, but my reaction is always the same....


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