Essie Turquoise & Caicos

9:19 PM Laura 9 Comments

The feeling of slaying a lemming is quite satisfying. You get your hands on that elusive polish and you just savor the moment.

The one thing that ruins it is when you put it on and it's absolute crap.

Well, that's not what happened today.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I don't know why I'd never gotten it before. I guess there was always something more flashy or urgent that I felt like I needed.





Lamp again, with white balance on

I did two coats. As you can see I nicked my middle finger. :( I was expecting this to be almost pastel, but it was a lot brighter and darker than any pastels I've seen. It is pretty much a perfect turquoise, right smack dab in the middle of blue and green. I am sooo in love. It's my dream color. It transports me to a dream world of seahorses, mermaids, and... Brad Pitt, what are you doing here?

All right now, move it along. Shoo!

The formula was nice, not extremely good but workable. And the color makes up for it. Totally.

And I decided to do some stamping with Nina Ultra Pro Smoke-N-Mirrors... it was... okay...

Yeah... well it looked nice from a distance. Kind of like most guys.

Ah well. Have you conquered any lemmings recently?


  1. I think Brad Pitt is stalking you..

    Also I like the stamping. :)

  2. @Anna: Yes yes, you get credit for giving it to me.

    @Vintage: He's everywhere... and thank you :)

  3. "like most guys" <-- made me giggle. Such a pretty color! I love baby blue on the nails.

  4. @Larie: Teehee. Yes, it is quite lovely. I love blues!

    @Sandra: I'm glad you like it!

  5. Nar har it's the color of my room. Wonderful! And I love the dots omg so cute /dying

  6. Very pretty, but I've heard others complain about it applying like crap. Such a shame....

  7. i got this color and it took me a TON of coats and a white under coat to make this polish look good. possibly different formulas?


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