I'm Coco-nuts for This Mani!

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Dangit Blogger, I schedule this post for 7:15! WTH? Am I doing something wrong? How do you schedule posts, guys? Help a sister out.

Anyway. Continuing on.

Ah, puns. There is nothing quite like them. Love 'em or hate 'em, you're gonna have to put up with me because I can't get enough of them!

Today's ingenious nail candy actually starts with a cult favorite from Hard CandySky. 

At first glance, you may not see what's so special about it. It's a pretty pastel blue. Nice, but not unique. Au contraire, my friend. Upon closer inspection you will see a beautiful, dark blue hidden shimmer. Since shimmer calls my name louder than a cherry-glazed donut sitting on top of a red velvet cake, there is no way I was going to pass this up.

Click and be amazed. Look at how the shimmer comes out to play in the sun!


Also shadyish


Under a lamp

Look at that shimmerrrr

I can't remember which pictures the shimmer shows up in but I think it's there in quite a few, click on them to see. I don't know how to adjust picture sizes, there's probably some complicated HTML code for it that I don't want to mess with because then I'll just mess everything up and the pictures will be like gigantic and you will hate me forever. So I just don't bother with that.

Hey look! It comes with a cute little (cheap looking plastic) ring!

Anywho. The formula was kind of eh. I did two coats but it probably could have used a third. It's very streaky in one coat, much improved in two, but I could still see some thinner spots. It was also a little hard to control, I made a little bit of a mess. However, I really like the color and I LOVE the shimmer. I'll probably use this again just because the color and shimmer are some of my favorite things, but if you're not in love with it then I don't know if you'd want to deal with the streakiness and subpar formula.

But the reason I only did two coats is because I needed a canvas for Revlon Colada Fizz. You may have heard tell of some new scented Revlons. They're all glass flecks and thanks to MUA, I know that they're all pretty sheer. While I was pondering the display in Rite Aid, trying to decide which to pick, I ended up coming down to the grapefruit-scented one and this one. I might have gotten the grape one but I hate artificial grape candy, so I figured I wouldn't like that. I might have gotten the mint but I heard that that one smells like tooth paste. Not to mention mint-scented nail polish just sounds kind of weird.

I decided on Colada Fizz because I LOVE coconut and since it appeared to be the sheerest, I could layer it over almost any color and give it a nice glass fleck finish. I might go back to get the grapefruit one, though...

An artsy picture under lamplight

All these pictures are in the sun, I don't know why I didn't have any other lightings, but it looks best in the sun so you're not missing anything.

If you click on this you can see the shimmer in Sky showing through.

Well, this was absolutely GORGEOUS. Brilliant combo, if I do say so myself. Colada Fizz elevated  Sky to levels it had never even dreamed of before. I felt like there were opals on my finger. Just so gorgeous.

Colada Fizz was quite sheer. This was one coat and you can see it didn't alter the color of Sky at all. It was pretty thin, but not difficult to work with. The scent was pretty strong when it first dried, but since I like coconut it didn't bother me, and coconut is kind of a gentle smell anyway. It did fade with hand-washing throughout the day, and after I took a shower I could barely smell it at all.

Have you gotten any of the Fizzes? Do you love them as much as I love Colada Fizz?


  1. I absolutely love sky! It's in my top fave polishes, fo sho! Is this Revlon opaque at any point? Or is it strictly sheer and layering?

  2. Lovely combo. I have Colada-Fizz and I loved it too. I definitely want to get more from the collection.

    As for scheduling posts, it should just be under post options, located right under labels, then schedule at for post date and time. hth.

  3. @Leslie: Im not sure. I think it'd take a looot of coats and I don't really care enough to find out, lol.

    @Anna: Wall, meet face. *thunk*

    @Chele: That's what I did... :C Maybe I just don't have the magic touch.

  4. That's so gorg! Especially with the glitter on top, I love the cheap ring lol :)

  5. Isn't it great? Ooh, I think it would look even better with a coat of Colada Fizz on top! You can polish rings, right?

  6. Quite simple and pretty!
    ps ring is cute plz wear all the time

  7. If you still are wondering, when you write your post-at the bottom it says 'post options' there you can pick which date and time to have your post go up.


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