Untrieds Month: Island Girl Surfer Babe

7:45 PM Laura 4 Comments

So I guess it's not really untrieds month anymore, it's more like untrieds forever, so I'll just ditch that title since it makes them longer anyway.

Today I have for you one of the Island Girl polishes that the sweet Sui Ling sent me. Thanks Sui Ling! This is Surfer Babe and I don't know why I have so few pics of it but I hope you can get a sense of its gorgeousness!

It dries to a satin finish so I put a topcoat on to make it nice and shiny.

Two coats. Surfer Babe is a bright teal polish that leans green. The first picture is actually the most accurate, color wise, even though it looks yellow-tinted. In real life it looks almost neon, it's so vibrant. I love it! Such a gorgeous color, and I have nothing like it. It's like a granny smith apple and a blue raspberry had a baby at a rave, or something. It's awesome.

The formula was great, problem-free and smooth. I really love this a lot! I could rant for days about how much I love teals but I'll spare you the agony. I also love the bottle design, it's so tropical and cute. Island Girl is only available in Hawaii and Las Vegas so I'm really glad to be able to try the brand!


  1. I am a green lover! I love this color!

  2. I've never seen this, and I grew up in HI...but then I wasn't really into polish so much back then. Pretty color!

  3. I picked 3 of these up when I went to Vegas and I think one of them is this color! I likes :)


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