Essie Power Clutch + Color Club Very Merry Berry

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So today I have two polishes to show you. First up we'll take a look at Essie Power Clutch going stag.

Nice, isn't it? This is two coats. Power Clutch is a dark grey beauty from the fall collection. I didn't have a good grey, and this one fits the bill perfectly. The formula was pretty much identical to Mesmerize, a little on the thick side but not problematic.

It also happens to make the perfect backdrop for GLITTAROMG!!!

Color Club Very Merry Berry

Very Merry Berry is from Color Club's scented holiday collection. As you might have guessed, it's supposed to smell like berries. I really didn't get a chance to smell it that much before I put topcoat on it, and I really couldn't detect a smell after that, so if you're scent-sitive (hehe) then this won't be a problem for you.

As you might be able to tell, the large glitter is weird. It doesn't lie flat, it's curved. Which makes it super reflective and awesome looking in the bottle but kind of annoying on the nail. It's like "Girl please, I ain't no glitter, I'm a shiny pink taco shell!" and I'm like "Just stop being stupid!" and it's like "No!" and I'm like "AHGHHHGHGH" because I really hate anything that sticks up, and this doesn't even lie down with topcoat. I probably should have tried sticking it down a little more, but jeesh. It didn't want to work with me.

The formula was pretty... bleh. On a scale of celery to unicorn, I would rate this formula as about an unscented candle, which is to say, just above staple removers and right below catfish. But seriously, it was kind of difficult to work with. The glitter gets distributed weird, but if you keep going over it to try to move it around, you end up getting a whole buttload of glitter all over the whole nail and it's like SHINY PINK TACO EXPLOSION which is never a good thing. You just have to go really slow and use tweezers or something. It also takes a little patience and just getting a feel for it.

With all that said, I really do like these colors together, and on the grey. I absolutely adore the color of the blue glitter, it's like the most snazztastic blue I've ever seen. On the same celery-unicorn scale, I'd probably rate it at about tie-dye (i.e. groovy).

On the scale from celery to unicorn, how do you feel about this polish?


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