Island Girl Color Changing

7:45 PM Laura 8 Comments

The wonderful Sui Ling also sent me this Island Girl polish, which has no name so I'm gonna call it Bow Chicka Wow Wow for no real reason other than because I can.

So I did three coats of it, two might have been okay but I did three to make sure. It dries to a satin finish, and here is its color when it's cool:

It's a nice girly pink with some allover shimmer that's super gorgeous. I almost put a topcoat on but I actually liked the way it looked semi-matte.

I was expecting it to get darker when it was cold, but I was shocked when it turned white!

Gee willickers! That's pretty awesome. To be honest, I didn't think I was going to like this very much. I'm not really a girly girly pink Barbie OMG kind of girl, but both of the colors that Bow Chicka Wow Wow is are very flattering and pretty.

The formula was also nice, it was slightly sheerer than I expected but not problematic.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to try these! I'd love to get some more in the future. Heck, I'd really like to go to Hawaii in any case! Thank you so much, Sui Ling! (btdubbs, you should check out her blog. I'll link to it again in case you missed it.)

So, do you like Bow Chicka Wow Wow? (no, this is not a reference to that Mike Posner song. Not intentionally, anyway.)


  1. first off love your name for it, and I'm a pink lover so I think it's beautiful an it does look very nice with the satin finish.

  2. Not that I'm discouraging you from going to Hawaii in any way--but this bottle looks just like the Mood Struck ones they have right here on the mainland (I've seen at Meijer and Rite Aid). Can't recall if I've seen this exact combination, though.

  3. Bow chicka wow wow? I saw that and was cracking up before I even read the rest! That's freakin hilarious!!! And i said in my head the way I KNOW you are thinking it!!!! Cant say anything about this pink-but it's cool that polish changes color!

  4. That is so cool! I love that it changes white!

  5. Ok so like color changing is just super cool and then i really like this "half matte" thing it has going on!!! :) i wish it changed to like blue though! white just isnt as exciting and i'm cold all the time so it wouldnt work out :(

  6. LOL love the name you gave this polish!!!

  7. @KarenD: Yeah, I was thinking that too. Buuut I figure there are plenty of other good reason to go to Hawaii anyhow!

    @Fingers: LOL, I couldn't resist. It just popped in my mind and I couldn't let it go!

    @Meg: Hehe I'm pretty sure pink to blue would be hard!


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