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Roxanne - The Police. Sometimes you just need a good classic rock song, and this is it.

I love these photo galleries. There are a lot of great photos in there, but since some of you guys said it'd be easier if I just put the pictures in the post I decided to include my favorite:

Isn't that the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? It's a ladybug covered in dew.

I am so so so excited for the shimmer part of OPI's Holland collection. They all look stunning. Then again, Fashion Polish makes everything look stunning.

This looks ridiculously awesome and also ridiculously time-consuming.

Don't see it? That's a person. Painted like a bookshelf. Mind. Blown.

Also, I went to the zoo this yesterday! Here are some pictures I took:

This meerkat was just lying on his side like this. So cute!

Isn't that a cool looking bird? Its eyes freak me out.

This monkey was SO TINY. SO CUTE.

Aww da widdle baby ewephant!

This fox was so still it looked like a statue. Look at him all curled up!

The cheetah was hard to get a picture of since it just kept pacing. Poor cheetah, I bet it wanted to run. :(

The lioness was quite majestic, she looks so regal.

This is the only decent picture I got of the panther, it was pacing like the cheetah.

I don't know what this is but I can't decide if it's hideous or adorable.

I kid you not, this monkey is green. One of the strangest monkeys I've ever seen!

LOOK. AT. HIS. TAIL. I couldn't even get it all in one shot! This monkey was so adorable, he would barely sit still and kept bothering the other monkey it was with.

Is this not the most beautiful duck you've ever seen? He reminds me of origami.

And that's all for today's Thursday Post! Don't forget to check out Larie's!


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