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So I may or may not have gone a little cray cray yesterday... and I may or may not have acquired 23 polishes... *cough* Maybe. Maybe not. But probably yes.

Essie Power Clutch and Mesmerize

Color Club Very Merry Berry and Sugarplum Yum (they're S C E N T E D  O M G)

Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, Emberstone (I actually just realized this looks very similar to OPI Animal-istic... maybe I'll have to exchange this one) and Androgynie

China Glaze Blue Year's Eve (I actually had a dream that I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also found the holo version of Color Club Revvvolution. It was a good dream) and Snowglobe (and look! it comes with an adorable snowglobe!)

China Glaze Ring in the Red, Holly Day, Twinkle Lights, and Velvet Bow

And then, at CVS, they had a tube of ten polishes for $9.99... I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a genius to see that THAT'S AN AWESOME DEAL. So I got it.

None of them have names, but never you fear! I'll come up with hilariously cheesy names for all of them. I suspect the blue glitter might be a OPI Last Friday Night dupe, and the whitish glitter topcoat is SUPER GORGEOUS. You can't tell in this picture, but trust me, it's got potential.

Sooooooo... this may or may not be the most polishes I've bought at one time in my entire life ever. Anything you want to see first?


  1. Great haul...Emberstone marked down? Was that at a Sally's??? I never get lucky and find anything worthwhile marked down at a Sally's but some odd yellow they have 9 bottles of. Emberstone has more glow to it than Animalistic. Animalistic also turns different shades as you tip your hands into different positions. I adore the 'burn' in Emberstone - it really looks like the deep hot glow deep in the coals of a fire. For that price keep it - you can always gift it later if you really decide you don't want it.

  2. I got a tube from CVS too but mine was more cremes and metallics and no glitters. I will have to look again for the glittery one.

  3. intervention time, I believe.

  4. Wow, just a little crazy? Lol. I've totally done that before. The tube polishes sound interesting.

  5. You are going to LOVE the scented color club glitters. I just swatched and reviewed Sugar Plum Yum and it is fabulous!

  6. WOW what a haul! go big or go home, right?! haha

  7. Oh wow! You had an awesome haul there. Really great deals there. I need to go shopping with you!

  8. wow awesome haul!!! I got the amberstone at sally's too, they had the entire FX collection on sale I was pissed and wish I would had waited :-P

  9. I hate haul posts-I normally don't comment on them-but I stopped just for you- want to see the fourth shades of season blue in the first picture.

  10. Great haul! I saw those polish tubes at CVS--much more interesting colors than last year, for sure.

  11. Color Club Very Merry Berry looks amazing!

  12. @beachgal: They had the whole Mineral FX and ChG Metro collex marked down. They had shoved them into a corner, I was giddy when I saw them! I may have to run back and get a few more!

    @Arielle: I saw that one too, but I couldn't pass up the glitters. :)

    @Anna: I don't have a problem. No problem here.

    @Leslie: They look interesting! I hope they turn out to be a good buy.

    @The Lacquered Lady: I'm so glad to hear that! They look fantastic.

    @cathryn: That's a nice way to justify it, LOL!

    @Nail Reflections: I usually don't let myself go like this, but I'd been really good for a long time so I couldn't resist!

    @Polish Amor: IKR? I might have to go back and get more...

    @Fingers: Aww, you're so sweet! And that blue does look very nice, I'll be sure to use it TODAY just for you!

  13. Swatch the Color Clubs first!


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