The Thursday Post

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So my gal Larie over at Eye Heart It (clever name, eh?) does a post every Thursday that she has wittily entitled "The Thursday Post." It's basically a compilation of a bunch of random things she's seen that catch her attention and that she chooses to share with us. I love these posts, and so I was going to test them out for myself and see if you guys like them. So tell me if you like this, guys! If you do, I'll keep it up.

Kiss With a Fist (by Florence and the Machine) - Okay, so I probably shouldn't like a song about domestic violence as much as I like this, but I can't help it. I love it.

I actually first saw this recipe on one of Larie's Thursday Posts, and recently got off my bum long enough to make it myself. OMG guys, it's delicious. So I didn't have any limes on hands and I just used lemon juice, but whatever. I'm sure it would be five times as good if I had actually had limes, and seeing as it was already amazeballs, I'm pretty sure my brain would explode.

I need this dress, kthx.

I don't know about you guys, but I find personality tests really cool. Here's a link if you care to find out about yourself. I got ENFJ on two of them and ENTJ on the other two. ENFJ is "The Giver," ENTJ is "The Executive." I personally think I'm more ENFJ, although I'm right smack dab in the middle of extroverted/introverted, so I could just as easily be an INFJ/INTJ. Reading through all the different blurbs about the traits of those types, I see myself in all of them. According to the people who run that site, you can only be one type, but I find that hard to believe. *iz skeptical*

So this is our latest offering from Zoya. I can't decide if it looks refreshing and sweet or depressingly boring.

I find this site way more hilarious than I probably should.

So what do you think? Maybe next week I'll include an adorable pet picture like Larie does. (Dennison is a cutie patootie).


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