Essie Mesmerize

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I just realized, I totally forgot the Thursday Post yesterday. Doh! *facepalm* But I have been collecting links, so next week's Thursday Post will be super duper awesome!

So I've finally caught up to posting the polishes I got in that gimongous haul a while back! The one that gets the honor of going first is a lovely one that I'd been eyeing for a while but just never got around to buying...

Essie Mesmerize (okay, so my label says Mesmerize but I saw it at Walgreens and it was labeled "Mesmerized." So which is it? It's a cool name either way, though.)

I also managed to work in another untried that I bought with Mesmerize(d), Essie Power Clutch via a funky French. Don't worry, you'll see a full swatch of Power Clutch tomorrow!

Right, so... it appears I only have lamp shots. *hangs head in shame* The sun has not been friendly lately! Anywho, this is two coats of Mesmerize(d). It's a wonderful darkish medium blue creme, almost exactly the color of Andy's jacket in The Breakfast Club (which you should all know, is not only one of my favorite movies, but also one of the greatest movies of all time. No biggie.)

Is that not spot-on!? Freaking awesome. Anyway, Mesmerize(d) is one of the most gorgeous, flattering blues I have ever seen in my life. It's like a really cute guy that you've been too shy to approach. He's just perfect, and you see him around all the time but can never work up the nerve to talk to him. You're worried that he won't like you for some reason, but one day you finally realize that you just need to go for it because otherwise you'll never know. And he turns out to be everything and more!

The formula was good, I might add a little thinner because I prefer my polish *just* on the thin side, but it wasn't problematic.

How do you feel about this color? I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm mesmerized (pun intended).


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