Color Club Sugar Plum Yum over Zoya Phoebe

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Ack I'm sorry I didn't post the last two days, I really meant to, but we've got family in town for Thanksgiving so I just didn't get around to it. But now I've got the other scented Color Club glitter to show you!

Color Club Sugar Plum Yum

I started with two coats of Zoya Phoebe (which is totally gorgeous, btw).

Then I added one coat of Sugar Plum Yum and a generous helping of topcoat.

I managed to catch some evening sun, FINALLY. The shimmer is freaking unbelievable in these next pictures. (on a scale of celery to unicorn, it's about at fireflies.)

As you can see, I got this one to lie much flatter and more evenly distributed. I'm not sure if this is because Sugar Plum Yum has a better formula than Very Merry Berry or if I had just gotten used to it and had a better feel for it.

Sugar Plum Yum is a combination of small green glitter, and larger purple glitter. I love the way it looks over Phoebe, but after a while all I could think of was:

I don't even know why, as I never much cared for Barney when I was a kid. But gosh, that's rather terrifying. He doesn't even look like a dinosaur. I don't know why kids find him endearing, as he kind of looks like he wants to eat my face off. On a scale of celery to unicorn, Barney is... Well, he's not very high up there.

Seriously, though, it's pretty awesome of you can get past the Barney-ness. I did remember to smell this one before putting on topcoat. I'm not exactly sure what a sugarplum is, much less what it smells like, but it just smelled generally sweet and not bothersome.

I would totally recommend these polishes if you love glitter, scented polish, Color Club, happiness, general awesomeness, or your mother. Seriously guys, these are awesome and blingy and gorgeous. They take a little practice to get used to the application, but once you get the hang of it they just take patience.

Do you associate any polish with big, friendly, purple dinosaurs? Or is that just me?


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