OPI Gone Gonzo

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Anywho, today I will be featuring the last Muppet polish that I bought.

OPI Gone Gonzo






wtf is this



This is like... 4 coats-ish. It was still kinda patchy but it was generally so blinding that you didn't notice. Gone Gonzo is full of small, light blue hex glitter and larger silver hex glitter. It's very, VERY shiny and reflective. It catches every little infintesimal particle of light and reflects it back in your face times a thousand. You could communicate in morse code with this. Just flash your nails around. Or you could blind potential muggers and murders by wiggling your fingers in their face. Thanks, OPI!

The formula was good, not thick or gloopy and luckily it dried fast so I was able to do the bajillion coats. Oh yeah, removal was a total nightmare. Not fun, guys, not fun. But I think it was worth it. It's always fun to blind innocent bystanders with your nails!


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