Happy Halloween!

7:45 PM Laura 12 Comments

So you may have noticed that I was absent yesterday. That's because I was working on Halloween nails!

So I was going to stamp the witch, spider, and bats except the stupid stamps were not transferring so I ended up Sharpie-ing them in and then kind of blobbing on black nail polish to make them darker. The ghost actually glows in the dark, I used China Glaze Ghoulish Glow over white. Anyway, here's the breakdown:

Thumb - China Glaze Cross Iron 360
Index Finger - SHID Whirlwind White + China Glaze Ghoulish Glow
Middle Finger - American Apparel Peacock
Ring Finger - SHHAN Tough Taupe
Pinky - Revlon Cherry

All the details are Wet n Wild Black Creme. It was agonizing to draw them so small but I'm happy with how they turned out! I promise they look better in real life.

I hope your nails are boo-tiful today, we don't get many trick or treaters so I'm not even dressed up. I've got a lot of work to do tonight! But I'd love to hear what you're being for Halloween, and more importantly, what's on your nails!


  1. I love the witch! These are so cute/spooky :)

  2. I love it, the witch is amazing! Halloween was yesterday for us here and I didn't dress up but I wore Brand New Skates with The Nightmare Before Christmas nail art.

  3. Aww I love the little witch! :-p

    Speaking of nail stampers, I just ordered the nail stamper sponge-y thing by Konad from Amazon, but don't know what plate design to get first, any suggestions? :)

  4. ... this is a really cute halloween mani!

  5. I love these. You did an awesome job! The witch looks great!

  6. Very nicely done! Love the ghost especially.

  7. Hey Dude!! These are really great!! you are getting really great at the nail art stuff!!!

  8. I didn't do special nails. I've had the same nail polish on for like...two weeks. It's chipped and I've trimmed my nails since then and actually...it's hung on pretty well for it being such a long time. I need to paint them, but it's been on the bottom of my priority list lately. Soon!!!

  9. @Tera: That sounds so pretty!

    @Vintage: Oh goodness, I would recommend one of the ones with the full nail designs, those are my favorite. I like the little floraly filigree design, and also the houndstooth one.

    @Fingers: Thank ya kindly!

    @Larie: Foo! Shame on you, Larie *tsk tsk* Just kidding, but I do hope you take care of your nails!

  10. Where have I been!??! How could I have missed these!?!?

    Well I LOVE THEM! hehe soooo cute!

    Oh well I was a hippie for a short amount of time at the hauntcert and a swimmer on halloween!

    AND i actually painted my nails!!!!!! YEP! polka-dots! orange and purple!


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