Was it something I said?

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Soooo do you guys really hate the Thursday post or do you hate Disqus? I already know that Fingers and Alexandra don't like it, is that why I've only gotten three comments on the Thursday post?

Pretend for a minute that you (everyone who reads/comments on my blog) and I are in a relationship. It's a loving, healthy relationship, but we're not really communicating as well as we should. I feel like you're giving me the silent treatment and I'm playing 20 questions trying to figure out how I pissed you off.

So rather than me plowing ahead and flailing around trying to figure this out, could you just tell me? Would you prefer a different commenting system? There's no way in heck I'm going back to Blogger's system, but the only other method I know of is IntenseDebate except sometimes when I'm commenting on blogs that use IntenseDebate, the comment box doesn't show up and I have to refresh the page a few times. Although I really don't like that you guys have to put in your emails for Disqus, so I guess there's pros and cons for everything.

If you guys have any suggestions for fixing the commenting problem, I would love to hear them. If you know of any other commenting systems, or want to try and convince me to use IntenseDebate instead, I'm all ears.

Maybe it was the Thursday Post? That would really bum me out since it's one of my favorite features on Larie's blog, which says a lot since she has a fantastic blog and I love it all. But if that's it, I won't subject you guys to it once a week.

Anyway... I know Fingers will tell me that I don't have to please everyone because it's my blog and I should do what I like, but honestly, I wouldn't have a blog without you guys! I want this to be as enjoyable for you to read as it is for me to write. I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of writing a blog that no one read or commented on.

Help me out, here! I just want this to work. U + ME = 4EVA


Yay comments! Whenever you leave a comment, a triple rainbow happens.

**I don't like having to say this, but I must: Do not link drop! I don't care if you tell me you want to send me a million dollars, if you leave a link in your comment, I'm deleting it. I work hard for any and all traffic I get, and stealing it is a major no-no! Follow blogging etiquette, please.**