Baby come back, you can blame it all on me

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Okay, so I'm sorry for yesterday's hissy fit. I was being a big fat baby and then I went and took a nap and felt much better. When I whine at you about comments, it's really not because I just want to get a bajillion comments, it's just because I want to make sure I'm not boring you all to death or anything.

I'm going to be sticking with Disqus for a while because gosh darn it, I like Disqus. Although after I've sufficiently tested it out, I'll probably switch to IntenseDebate so I can compare the two and then decide.

Anywho, so that was dumb and stupid of me and I swear to goodness I will be less of a sensitive baby in the future. As I beg for your forgiveness, I bring you pictures of some frankens I've been working on for a new franken collection.

a medium pink with golden shimmer and holo glitter

a greyish off-white with silvery shimmer (still working on making the shimmer more prominent)

a deep, rich red with multicolored shimmer

a medium brown with gold shimmer and some gold-green shifting flecks

Anyway, the collection's not even halfway done, I really want to make this one perfect. I haven't officially named these yet but they do each represent something or someone. I don't wanna tell you what until I'm finished, but if you want to guess you can try!

I meant to post last night but then I went out and didn't get back till late, so I will definitely be posting tonight! Until then, mon amies.


Yay comments! Whenever you leave a comment, a triple rainbow happens.

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