China Glaze It's Alive!

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And now for the next polish I got from the Halloween collection: It's Alive!

Ugh I have been so bad about taking pictures lately! Sorry there's no outdoor shots. :( This is 2 coats of It's Alive!, to be totally honest I'm not exactly sure what color the base is. I can't tell if it's charcoal, dark green, or brown, but it's probably some sort of mix of all of those. Let's just call it gross murky swamp water, shall we? It seems appropriate. The glitter is... chartreuse? I'll be honest, I just googled 'chartreuse' because I wasn't exactly sure what color it was. But upon googlage, I'm pretty sure this falls under the grand 'chartreuse' umbrella, aka the 'why oh why did people think this was an attractive color' category.

It wasn't too thick like most glitters are, it was very nice and manageable.

Oh, and the set came with China Glaze Black Mesh so I decided to use it, but of course I accidentally deleted the pictures. :| Luckily I snapped a shot of my thumb while I was just testing it out to see how it shattered.
As you can see, it shatters very nicely. So I'm mad I didn't get pictures of it, although this nail did crack the best.

Btdubbs, I went to see the Muppets movie today. Um, it's kind of awesome. I love feel good movies where the plot doesn't necessarily make sense as long as everything ends up okay and is funny along the way, so if you're like me, then you will like this movie THE END. Also if you think Jason Segel is adorable (cause he totally is).  And I kind of want to adopt Beaker. MEEP MEEP MEEP! So glad I bought that nail polish. I'm really tempted to grab the whole rest of the collection now! 


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