Voulez-vous le boulanger? Sacre bleu! Zoot alors!

4:49 PM Laura 4 Comments

That's all the French I know. If anyone knows what I said, please tell me. It was probably like "Monkey flaps, why beach ball you do?"

And without further ado, here is ze French Manicure! (Both shots outside, since it looks pretty much the same in any light).

I know, quite simple. I did this because my aspiring-designer friend asked me to be a model for this fashion show thing she entered in, and I didn't want my nails competing with the skirt. This is two coats of Orly Angel Face with OPI Alpine Snow on the tips. I used tape, of course.

And here's the skirt I modeled:

Designed by the lovely Willow Curry

The fashion show was fun! I was hoping that there was a prince in the audience, seeing as Wills and Kate met when she was in a fashion show. Better luck next time, eh?

- Laura


  1. I saw that on my news feed, and was like "HOLY SHIZNITS IS THAT LAURA WITH MAKEUP?"

  2. This is pwetty.
    And I lol'd so hard at the part about "Monkey flaps, why beach ball you do".


  3. Yeah google translate-

    "Would you baker? Damn! Zoot then!"

    You have some serious skills in french! ;P

    but I love the nails!!! :)

  4. Languages have always been my strong suit.


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