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So, I went shopping today! And you should know what that means! I bought some naaaail polish.

Not much though :( because I'm almost broke. I went to CVS since I hadn't taken stock of their nail scene yet, and while nothing really spoke to me (except the Essies, which are too expensive for their own good), they DID have the scented Revlon polishes! I really wanted Ocean Breeze, but they were out of it. Phooey. They were also out of all the good Orlys. CVS has failed me. Anywho, it was a toss up between Not So Blueberry and Gum Drop, but I needed a good lavender color and so I got Gum Drop. (shh, Not So Blueberry, you'll be mine someday... *strokes*) Ahem. Where was I?

Right, the nails.



Sorry for the shoddy paint job, I was so excited to smell this and photograph it that I didn't clean up afterwards, and I even dented my pinky in sheer joy.

It was sheer, which frustrated me. I hate sheer nail polish, unless it's for French manicures or if it's a fruity, juicy color. I was prepared to hate this just for that fact, but... I have to admit I really liked it after three coats. This is just so pretty. I'm really glad I got this over Not So Blueberry (but I definitely want that too).

In my eagerness, I didn't quite wait for the layers to fully dry before painting the next one, so there was a little bit of dragging, but it all smoothed out in the end.

As for the smell, I suppose it does smell faintly of gumdrops, but I can already barely smell it anymore and I only put it on ten minutes ago. However, the color completely makes up for it, in my opinion.

So! That's all for now, folks. Tomorrow I've got something special for you... ;) You'll just have to come back and find out!

Comments always appreciated.

- Laura

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