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Cheerio, mates! Lovely day, eh? Did anybody pop on the telly to see the royal wedding? You bet your tea and crumpets I did! Not by choice, since I had to get up extra early anyway, but I figured I might as well watch it since I was up. Jolly good show, I think. Loved Kate's - ehrm, Catherine's - dress.

Anywho, after yesterday's orange-tastrophe, I was in the mood for something calmer, and I discovered this huge makeup kit that I got in a white elephant gift swap a few years ago. It came with four unnamed polishes, but the brand is The Color Workshop. Anybody heard of it?

The polish was quite lovely. I took many pictures. Be sure to click on the first and third ones to see the multicolored shimmer.





This is three coats of demure propriety. Appropriate for a princess, or a Duchess of Cambridge. Application wasn't problematic, but I couldn't get the exact right amount of polish I wanted on the brush. Just a personal preference, really. I did have some warty-looking bubbling on my left thumb, but all the other fingers were 100% bubble-free.

This was much more flattering on me than the orange, thank goodness. What's your best color? Are you insanely jealous of Kate Middleton right now? 

- Laura

P.S. I call Prince Harry.

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  1. Ooh, I actually have a color like this. You should come over and I can dump some of my semi-crappy polishes on you. And this looks nice, and you can have Prince Harry.

    As long as he's not secretly Harry Potter. Because if that was the case I CALL HIM TOO.


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