Lions and tigers and... giraffes?

7:00 PM Laura 3 Comments

Hola! Today I have another Konad fail, I should probably just quit trying. But hey, practice makes perfect, right? Just wondering how much practice you have to do to get perfect...

But here's the base I used.

Two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty (love the name)

Sooo, since I was going to the zoo today, I thought I should do some animal-themed nails.

Blargh. Not what I was hoping for. I used plate BM10, and I used Revlon's Hot For Chocolate for the stamping.

So yeah, not exactly the best stamp job. I did, however, get one good nail:


Ah well, I suppose one can't be perfect all the time. I did my best, though. I've been wanting a brown polish FOREVER, so I'll show you the Revlon by itself tomorrow. Hopefully it'll make me a lot happier than these stupid giraffe nails did.

So does anyone out there know the "trick" for Konading? IS there a trick? Can this be mastered? I'd love to know.

- Laura


  1. This is so fantastic. Please tell me people at your school compliment your nails all the time.

  2. I asked that very same question and all I was told is keep practicing! WTF? How does that help me?


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