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Let me warn you, this post is going to have LOTS of pictures. This might just be my favorite polish.


It's Mad As a Hatter by OPI from the Alice in Wonderland collection, and it's a complete glitterbomb. This polish is stunning. I highly recommend it. This pictures can't do it justice.

Tried a blurry picture to show you the sparkle, this was the best I got.

This stuff is great. This was two coats, and I've had it for a while now so it's gotten kind of gloopy, but since it's a glitter and it's so gorgeous I really don't care.

I've had a small backlog of pictures ever since I went on the campout, so I figured I would try wearing this for more than a day so I could get rid of the extras, since I was annoyed at having to write about polish I had worn a few days ago.

Anyway, despite my love for this polish, it was hard to wear it for three days. I decided I had to do something to update it or I would die, so I did this.

Voila! That's OPI Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! and then CG Boundless Color Midnight Magic

I used tape. It's pretty nifty. Anyhoo, I am SO GLAD I can finally take this off. 

However, I tend to leave toenail polish on for weeks, just because I don't like to bother with my feet. But I really liked this color, and though my little piggies aren't really the prettiest things to look at, I thought I'd share it with you.

 Sally Hansen Salon Professionals Nail Lacquer in Pat On The Black, two coats.

It was nice and smooth. It's a rich eggplant color, very pretty :) I'll have to do this on my fingernails later to show it off better.

So tell me, what's your favorite polish?

- Laura


  1. omg I love the sparkly thing. Soooo pretty<3<3

  2. I really loved the polish!
    but your feet look really weird... :)

  3. I figured it out! It is the ackward flip-flop tanish thing on your feet that makes them look really bizzare!!! :)

  4. I love MaaH and once wore it over a week without getting tired of it. My current favorite is Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid, but ask me again next week, as I am fickle. :)

  5. @Meg: gee, thanks, your awful spelling makes you look bizarre :P

    @KarenD: I looked up MKOCA and it's very nice! I love the subtle shimmer.

  6. You should check out this color OPI does called "Russian Navy Suede". It's sorta too dark for me to pull off, but it's GORGEOUS. It dries to a matte finish and it's this really deep navy blue indigo color. With sparkles. Unfortunately, it's sort of hard to remove and chips easily because you can't use a top coat....but so worth it.

  7. Ooh, very nice. If I ever see it anywhere I will be all over it.


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