Be a dahlia and read this post, won't you?

6:01 PM Laura 5 Comments

Phew, glad I got that cheesy name out of the way. Anybody got any guesses as to what today's polish is? Anybody? Aaaaanybody?

All right, it's Dahlia My Number by Finger Paints, a brand which I had never tried before.


Well,  I have to say, application was AMAZING. Seriously. It was so smooth and buttery, just... heavenly. I am in love. The only downside, which made me reeeally sad, was that it bubbled a little bit :( I'm hoping this is just because I put the second coat on before waiting for the first coat to dry completely. (I did three coats in all)

The main reason I bought this was because a) it was a foreign brand to me, which is exciting, and b) it came with a ring. I wasn't really sure about this color when I bought it, but the more I looked at it the more I loved it. It wasn't quite as pretty as it was in the bottle (it had the slightest pink undertone which made it look a wee bit coral-y), but it was still lovely, and had a pretty gold shimmer.

And THEN, at school, a girl had Sally Hansen Three D. The label was all rubbed off so I don't know what "type" of Sally Hansen it was (Insta-Dri, Complete Salon Manicure, etc.) but I'm pretty willing to bet it's part of that cyber-y, digital-themed collection which I've been curious about.

Now, I already had the Finger Paints on my hands, so this isn't really a spot-on comparison, but it was the best I could do. I painted two coats of Three D over the three coats of Dahlia My Number on my left hand.
 Outisde, don't have an inside because the stinking camera died.

Anyway, they look kinda similar in the pictures but are totally different in real life. While DMN has gold shimmer and is definitely orange, 3D is red-orange and has a subtle blue flash at certain angles.

I'm not sure which one I preferred. I don't know if either of them really works with my skintone, but I will be wearing DMN again anyway just because I love it!


- Laura


  1. Dahling, I do believe you mean Sally Hansen HD, not Three D. Just saying.

  2. Three D is in the HD Hi-Definition line, which has a lot of nice colors in it.

  3. Ahem, Anna, I believe you stand corrected.

    The COLLECTION is HD, the POLISH NAME is Three D.

    I know how to read a bottle of nail polish :P

    Thanks for the clarification, KarenD. :)

  4. I like the outside one beeeeeeetter C:
    and this comment thing is still annoying me lol

  5. Oy vey, Sonia, I'll get rid of it then.


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