First Konad! Yay!

6:31 PM Laura 2 Comments

Well, it's not technically my first Konad, but the first one I'm blogging about :) Still, I'm relatively new to the world of Konad-ing. You could call me a Konad-virgin, but I'd prefer you call me Laura. 

Aaaanyway, I thought I'd first show you the polish I used for the base. I've used it several times as part of other designs, but never on its own. It's so pretty! I love whites. As I've stated before, I dislike black polish (unless it's part of a design), so white is kind of perfect for me. This is a really good one, it's aaaaalmost opaque in one layer.

OPI Alpine Snow, one coat, outdoors, evening.

And now for the Konad!

Actually, wait a little longer. Most people don't know what Konad-ing is, so I'll educate you. You have this stampy thing and these image plates, and you put nail polish into the engraved image, scrape the excess off, roll your stamp over it, and then plomp it in your nail.

Okay so that explanation sucked. I would go take a picture of all my Konad stuff now to show you, but since I already took the little memory card out of the camera and plugged it into the computer, I don't really feel like doing it now. I'll show you tomorrow, how about that?

Okay, NOW you can see my nails.

Yeah, so this looked better in real life at a slight distance. My poor little pinky either has a birth defect, or is the Wicked Witch of the West. (I'm meeeeeeeltiiiiiing!) I haven't quite mastered the technique, so bear with me. I don't know what image plate this is, either, so I'll just edit it into the post tomorrow when I go Konad-crazy. I know, I'm lazy. Deal with it.

This looked better in real life than it does in the picture. That sounds bad, I know. It's like when you're super excited to show your friend a really cute guy, and you're all "OMG THERE HE IS!!!" and they're like "Who, him? Yeah, he's hot." and you say "No, HIM!" and they go "Oh........... um yeah he's okay I guess." and they're all mumbly and weird and you can tell your friend thinks the guy looks like a mangled gorilla and then you try to pretend you never thought he was hot in the first place, and you're like "Uh, yeah, it was kinda low lighting when I saw him, I guess not..." but secretly you still think he's like your personal Johnny Depp or something.

Anywho. That's kind of how I feel about these nails.

- Laura


  1. Well, closeups from the camera can be a unforgiving--I often pull photos off mine and see stuff I never noticed in real life (fuzz sticking to my cuticles, dents in my polish, etc.)

    What polish did you use to stamp with? (I might have missed it--not quite awake yet today.)

  2. My goodness, it appears I forgot to include that detail! Thanks for pointing it out.

    I used Nina Ultra Pro Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Smoke-N-Mirrors for the stamping.

    Also, since my lazy bum never added in the plate I used, I used Bundle Monster plate 19.

    Thanks for your comment!


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