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Happy belated Pot Day! Yessiree, folks, you missed a great excuse to get high.

Now, I was informed on April 19th that April 20th was Pot Day. And I thought back to when I received my Konad plates, and I had noticed something strange: There was a marijuana leaf on one of the plates! 

Plate BM07

Since I was pretty positive I wasn't going to be using this particular design any other time, I thought it was appropriate to use yesterday.

First, the base.

This is Rimmel London's Steel Grey. It's really not steel grey, more of a grurple. It's only one thickish coat, two coats would definitely be ideal. I was kind of in a hurry, and as you can see, I have some definite tip wear going on. It claims it lasts "Up to 10 Days," but you would definitely need a good topcoat. It's really a nice color though, I'll probably reswatch it for you sometime in the future.

 This is my final design. I only did it on my thumbs since I thought that people might possibly think I was a druggie if I did every finger like this. Less is more, really. Anyway, I used Orly's Meet Me Under the Mistletoe for the stamping. It's a lovely color, I haven't used it by itself because I only have a mini of it and I'm kind of hoarding it. It's got nice teeny flakies in it, though. I couldn't believe how pretty the pot leaf was, heehee.

And since I didn't have time for a post on Tuesday, I got a day behind again, so I'll catch up.

This is the reason I didn't buy For Audrey.



Please ignore the awkward chunk taken out of my pinky and the pen mark on my index finger. I know, they make me sad, too :(

This is one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Blue Away. As you can probably tell, I had tip wear with this too. I should probably try wrapping my tips, but my nails are too short to do that without smearing nail polish all over my finger, which makes me look like I have some sort of muscular dystrophy and can't grip paintbrushes right and got it all over myself.

Anyway, this was a very nice color, and scratched the itch I've been having for light blue.

So, have you ever celebrated Pot Day? Done any weird or interesting nail designs? Had any polish itches that needed scratching? I'd love to hear it!

- Laura


  1. The pot leaf IS pretty.
    Too bad it's ... yeah.
    I just wanted to say, Lauracakes, that I have always wanted to see a pot leaf on a nail. You have scratched my fingernail-pot-leaf itch.


  2. Y'know, I always thought the cannabis plant had a particularly attractive leafage. However, it seems to have a negative connotation to it. A shame, really.


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