I was visited by the glitter fairy!

6:42 PM Laura 2 Comments

Wow! This is a real stunner. I don't think there's too much to say, other than this:

natural light


This is Nyx 162 (I think, couldn't find any other sort of name on the bottle) and MAN I wish you guys could see this in real life! The glitter is all rainbow-y and in your face. It's like, I am GLITTER and life is GOOOOD, YO! Where my homies be at? We got some sparkling to do! Or something like that, if glitters were gangsters.

EDIT: Since the bottle is so dark, I couldn't find any sort of a name on it anywhere, though it did have the number 162. However, upon Googlage, I'm pretty sure this is Frizz Spots. Mystery solved!

The ONLY thing that is bad about this polish is that it's not actually as black as it looks in the bottle. In fact, it's not really black at all. When I first put it on my nails it was like clear polish with a teensy tinge of black, so I quickly swiped it off and put one coat of CG Boundless Color Midnight Magic underneath it. Usually I don't like polishes with glitters of different sizes, because they're too sparse, but this has a TON of glitter. It's like a glitter monster pooped all over it. I love it.

I think that's all I have to say, other than THIS POLISH IS AMAZING. GET IT NOW.

Comment, s'il vous plait! Merci, mes amis!

- Laura


  1. WOAHH!!!!! Laura, is the brand Nyx?

  2. Yessiree, I got this at Urban Outfitters.


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