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Boy, it's getting difficult to come up with creative names for these posts.

So after yesterday's Barbie-o-rama, I was in the mood for something darker and vampier. This is Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Haute Chocolate.



This wasn't quite dark enough to really satisfy my mood, but it's nice nonetheless. I think the best way to describe this is "burgundy." Now, don't quote me on this, but I'm preeeetty sure this is three coats. It was smooth but I went to bed too soon after putting it on so it had kind of dulled in the morning. I put a layer of OPI topcoat on it.

I should probably say here that all the polishes I have posted previously have been sans topcoat. I'll tell you if I put a topcoat on it, otherwise, consider it naked.

It had a little bit of dark red shimmer in it, but only in just the right lighting.

Overall, a nice color, but I don't really have anything notable to say about it.

Maybe you do? If you like it, hate it, or have something to say, just leave a comment!

- Laura

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  1. I like it! It is very professional looking but it also looks like wood!
    I like cherry wood.... but in the outside one you look really white! :)


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