Pale as a polar bear eating marshmallows in the middle of a blizzard

1:19 PM Laura 4 Comments

That pretty much describes my skintone. Why does this have anything to do with anything? Today's polish is brought to you by CG Boundless Color and is called Bronze Beauty.

I'm jealous.

Four coats, outside, no sun. Accidentally deleted the indoor picture. Oops!

I wasn't really feeling this one. It's a nice color, but I think you just have to be in the mood for it. If you click on it, you should be able to see that while it generally appears as a kind of white-gold color, it's got bronze flecks in it. They're especially visible in the bottle.

It's quite sheer, you could still see a teensy-weensy bit of VNL (visible nail line, n00bs) in certain lighting. It's a nice unremarkable formula, smooth, and again, sheer. Sheer polishes just annoy me. Not really my thing, I suppose.

In other news, I went on a mini shooping (I make that typo all the time, and it never fails to crack me up) shopping spree yesterday, teehee. I got one springy Sally Hansen, one Revlon in a color that I have NEEDED for the longest time, one Finger Paint (never used this brand before, gave the ring that came with it to a friend for her birthday), and two China Glazes (also a first for me). 

Now, having browsed around the nail blog-o-sphere, I have surmised For Audrey is sort of like an apostle for the polish-obsessed. Not quite Jesus, that would probably be Clarins 230 (which can cost you about eighty bucks a pop on ebay. I checked). However, I passed it up (gasp!) because one of the other polishes I got earlier was also a light blue. For Audrey did have just the slightest (THE SLIGHTEST) hint of sea green, which was lovely, and if I had known that I would run into it I probably would have gotten it in favor of the Sally Hansen that was also pastel blue. Hopefully, For Audrey will someday be mine as well.

ANYWAY, I kind of feel redundant, but comments are always always always appreciated! I would love to hear your thoughts.

- Laura


  1. I'm pretty sure For Audrey is core, and the SH you got might not be, so I think you did good on that score.

  2. Why thank you! Sorry for the confusing not-wanting-to-name-the-polishes thing, I just want it to be a surprise. I should have it up within the next week. Glad you think I made the right call, I'm not really a veteran polisher. :)

  3. ooh-la-la! Somebody finally got her coveted China Glaze =)

  4. Mwahaha I feel so physic now!
    Last comment I said your skin looked pale, now you agree! :)
    Oh yes and am I that wonderful friend you were talking about?!?!!?!?
    Because that would make me happy! :)


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