Anti-Easter Polish

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Hey, peeps! Hehe, that was punny, because you're my peeps, but also because tomorrow is Easter and peeps are going to make us all fat. They're not even that good, they're just like second-rate marshmallows rolled in weird sugar. Not sure what the fascination with them is, but they sure are cute.

Aaanyway, I've been wanting a brown FOREVER but the only brown I ever saw was Essie's Little Brown Dress which was eight bucks and therefore out of the question, but then - What's that I see? Doth mine eyes deceive me?


Revlon's Hot For Chocolate! This made me very happy. This is only one coat, folks, which is always worth about 50 squazillion points in my book. It looked lighter in the bottle, about the color of semisweet chocolate, but on my nails it's definitely the 70% pure cacao kind. Sorry for the atrocious pictures, I was kind of lazy with clean up. I tried to retouch it with iPhoto but I think that just made it worse. Overall, it was a nice formula, no problems with bubbling or gloopiness.

I thought this would be a nice palette-cleanser before all these sweet pastels coming up tomorrow. Speaking of...

I AM SO EXCITED TO DO MY EASTER MANI FOR TOMORROW! I really hope it'll turn out as nice as it looks in my head. Also, I saw I Vant to be A-Lone Star at HEB today AND I HAD TO GET IT. I have seen this color all over nail blogs and it is SO PRETTY! I couldn't find it anywhere so when I saw it I had to get it. I'm trying to restrain myself, really...

So I'll do that on my toes tomorrow, since it's pastel, and also I tripped coming into the house today and the polish got scraped off my toe :( Luckily no little piggies were harmed, but I took it as a cosmic sign that I should change my toenail polish.

Any springy or Eastery mani ideas you'd like to share?

- Laura


  1. Eeeeeessieeeeee. It's caaaalling you.

  2. and I hate the way this font writes capital E's

  3. You need better indoors pictures, woman.


  4. That's what I'm here for. And yeah my camera makes everything like three times darker inside, even though I try to stand by a window...


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