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7:30 PM Laura 3 Comments

I did this before my camping escapades and completely forgot about it. Oops. It's Claire's Mood Changing Polish in Excited/Bored.


This is "bored." It's about a shade lighter in real life.

Aaaand this is "excited." It looked a lot different in real life, about two shades darker.

This polish seemed kind of backwards. I had to go stick my hand in the ice maker to get it to turn "excited," which was weird. Shouldn't the hotter temperature be darker? Whatever, I guess Claire's is run by a bunch of demonic robots who don't understand human temperatures and emotions. You have to admit they're a little creepy, what with all their fluffy tiaras and tacky bling.

As for the polish, I did three coats. The first coat was really patchy, the second coat was better, but it took three coats to make it even. It dried satiny/matte, which is how I hear most mood polishes dry. I kinda liked it, it was interesting since all I've ever used is shiny polishes. The change wasn't really too noticeable, but it was a nice color anyway. I love hot pinks/corals :)

So, have any of you ever tried mood changing polish? Have you ever witnessed any of the Claire's robots? I'd love to hear about it, so drop me a comment!

- Laura


  1. Claire's people are going all emo on us. They used to be innocent tweenagers all up in there...aaanyway. I just went to do some work and totally forgot what I was going to say after this. Hmm...ohh well.

  2. That looks cool.
    And speaking of cool, why does it turn excited when cooled....? Personally I don't think my body temperature goes down when I'm excited XD

  3. I am not so sure my nails get that hot or cold, we are warm-blooded right?


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