Rain-sticking in the Amazon

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Hi! Is anyone out there? Hello... hello... hello...?

Weeeelp I don't see anything else to do but plow ahead!

So, today I have for you Sinful Colors Love Nails (yeah, I don't really get the name either).

Natural Light

Artificial Light (sorry it's a little blurry, I was taking the picture with my right hand since my left hand was prettier, so I had to hold the camera weirdly)

Okay, well I had kind of hoped this would be like getting whacked in the head with a rain stick by a mermaid while standing in the middle of the Amazon rainforest during monsoon season, and it didn't quiiiiite get there. Like maybe instead of a mermaid, it was a wallaby, or instead of a rain stick it was a rubber chicken, or instead of the Amazon I was in Arby's. It just wasn't quite exactly what I had wanted. I would have liked more depth and lusciousness, and though there was some green shimmer in the bottle it totally doesn't show up on my nails or in the pictures :(. It was still nice though.

As for application, it was fine. This is three coats. It's sheer, but it doesn't have that jelly-effect, and I don't really like sheers if they're not jelly-ish and squishy. I have one other Sinful polish and it's like this too... are they all like that? I don't think so, but I'm not sure...

Aaaanyway, it was nice, just not what I thought it would look like when I bought it. It reminded me of another color I had, Milani Pool Party, so I did a comparison.

Inside, near a window. Pinky and middle finger are Sinful, ring finger and index are Milani (four coats).

So they're similar, but not duplicates. Ah well! We can't always be right... though I usually am.

Anyhow! I hope you enjoyed today's post, and I would greatly appreciate comments, nail-related and otherwise.


- Laura

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  1. It's funny- in my world I'm always right as well! Drives people nuts! Done with march on to April


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