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Mansard Roof - Vampire Weekend. Although I am generally not a fan of hipster-things, I do love me some Vampire Weekend. Although I like their debut album much more than Contra, it has a different feel. I really like the bouncy, eclectic feel of it.

You may have noticed that it is snowing on my blog. That's right, SNOWING. I figured we could use a little holiday spirit up in here, so following this handy tutorial courtesy of Ice Queen's Nail Parlour, I added some lovely snowflakes. We rarely see snow down south, so I'm probably going to leave this up till around the end of February!

This is pretty awesome, and I really wish I had a use for homemade stamps! I should get into scrapbooking.

I think I need these right now. Yum!

Okay guys, I'm a little short on links this go-round. Not sure what happened! I will proceed to jack some of Larie's links.

I really am not into this look. It just looks... weird? I'm not sure I see the point or the fashion merit of partially-painted, smudged nails. Do you?

My favorite comic strip is Pearls Before Swine, and it appears that Larie is also a fan! This one may amuse you all because of the subject matter.


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