Jelly sammich #1

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

So do you remember when I asked you guys to vote on jelly sandwiches? Well I finally have the first one I did. There was a tie between #5 and #3, so this is #3.

Jelly sandwich #5 is Zoya Valerie + Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Twinkle Twinkle + OPI Houston We Have a Purple.

It's super pretty and sparkly, Valerie just shines through and the gold glitter goes with it perfectly. I can't wait to do all the other jelly sandwiches, they're so much fun!

Okay I'm sorry I've been a pathetic blogger lately, I was just really busy but now since it's the holidays I'll have more free time and I will definitely be posting more! I really want to get those Shades of the Season swatches up except I promised that I would come up with hilarious and witty names for them which I haven't found the time to do yet, so as soon as I satisfy myself with my cleverness I will slap those up.

In other news, I'm going to the Texans game tomorrow! They're playing the Carolina Panthers and I am hoping it will be a great game. We've got a good thing going and I hope it keeps up! I need to work out my nails ASAP, I think I'm just going to do a funky French. Ughhh I love my Texans so much! I can't wait! I will report back to you tomorrow, hopefully I'll be happy!


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