Color Club Earthy Angel + Stamping

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I found the entire Color Club Back to Boho collection at Ross a while back, so I figured I should get around to showing them to you since I've almost worked my way through all of them.

We'll start with Earthy Angel

I have no pictures of it alone, so you'll just have to go with these pictures of Color Club Blue-topia (also from the Back to Boho collection) stamped on top.

Sooo... I kind of love this. This is two coats of Earthy Angel which is a nice tan polish that's darker than my skintone so it doesn't do that weird blending-in thing that makes your fingernails disappear which is kind of freaky. It's quite flattering and I really like it. The formula was nice, too.

I thought it could use some stamping so I tried this one that I haven't used before, and I really like it! Sometimes I find that some stamps don't transfer right when they're super intricate which is probably the most ridiculously frustrating thing ever and it kind of makes me want to flip a table but this one was nice.

Celery-unicorn scale rating: Kit-Kat bars. 


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