Christmas Lights

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For my next Christmas mani, I decided to do something I've seen on one or two other blogs (sorry, I don't remember which ones they were, otherwise I would give credit where credit is due for such a snazzy idea!). I did a sort of funky French with Christmas lights.

For the base gold color, I used my one coat of the gold polish that came in the Saints NFL polish set. A one coater! I'm so impressed! Definitely more than I expected from the NFL, haha. The gold is super sparkly and blingy, it's so awesome. The bottle is honestly hard to look at in the sunlight. It was hard to take the sun pics cause I was like OH MY GOD IT'S BLINDING ME MY EEEEYES but in an awesome way.

For the lights, I used a black Kiss nail art pen and then I put little splops of nail polish along it, and glitter of the same color on the splops to make the lights. I love this mani, it's really adorable and Christmasy, and this gold is just so freaking awesome.

Oh and I ventured into a Forever 21 for the first time today. I had to wait for some tweens to stop digging through the polish, and when I was finally able to take a look myself I was unpleasantly surprised to see that all the polish was unceremoniously dumped into bins with no seeming order. I had heard that this is how it was, but for some reason I thought that any Forever 21 I would come across would miraculously be different and have their polish organized and waiting for me. After some digging, I located the awesome green flakie one that I was looking for. It has obviously been used and people got some other kind of polish on it too (WTH, who gets a whole different polish around the rim of the bottle?) Anyway, I bought it nonetheless because it was the only one of its kind that I could find.

Okay, this has been a long post. I'll stop talking now.


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