Would you care to pimp yourselves out?

3:53 PM Laura 0 Comments

Okay so I know lots of you probably have blogs, but sometimes they aren't on your Google profile and now with Disqus there are more people whose blogs I can't see, and since I always make an effort to check out the blogs of people who comment on my blog, I would love to know what all of your blogs are. So. Please leave a comment (on this post only, lol, this is a controlled pimping yourself out) with your blog address! I'll look at every single on!


Yay comments! Whenever you leave a comment, a triple rainbow happens.

**I don't like having to say this, but I must: Do not link drop! I don't care if you tell me you want to send me a million dollars, if you leave a link in your comment, I'm deleting it. I work hard for any and all traffic I get, and stealing it is a major no-no! Follow blogging etiquette, please.**