Hard Candy Sky + Essie Shine of the Times

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So the Texans lost. Ugh. I am very disappointed in them. I think they were getting too comfortable and feeling like they couldn't lose, but at some point the other shoe was gonna have to drop and unfortunately it was today. It was just all around bad, but you can bet I still screamed my head off. I still love them, and I know they're #1. I forgive you, Texans.

So I'll have another jelly sandwich for you tomorrow, but today I thought I'd show you a really amazing combo that I did recently. It is GorGeous with a capital G (I felt that I should capitalize both of them for emphasis). I knew I had to have Essie Shine of the Times since it's a FLAKIE so as soon as I heard it had been spotted at Walgreens I hightailed it over there to grab it. I decided to layer it over Hard Candy Sky.

This is 1 coat of Shine of the Times over 2 coats of Sky (by the way, its formula seems to have improved over time, unless I'm just getting more skillful. I think last time it needed 3 coats but this time I only needed 2, and it was pretty easy to apply and not too streaky). Shine of the Times is a very densely-packed flakie. It's got the traditional red/orange-green shift, but over the pale blue it was more subtle and sometimes in different lights it was more of a lilac-blue shift and it was sooo beautiful. It literally looked like opals.

The formula was kinda meh. It was a little thick since it was so densely packed but luckily the flakies went on nice and evenly.

Ughh I cannot get over how freaking beautiful this is... looking at this kind of makes me feel better after the horrible Texans loss today. Kind of.


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