China Glaze Blue Year's Eve + Snow Globe

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

So today I have the last duo that I got from China Glaze's holiday collection.

Blue Year's Eve and Snow Globe

Look at that mysterious speck of dark glitter!

First, Blue Year's Eve by itself.

2 coats. Or... maybe 3... Anywho, Blue Year's Eve is ridiculously beautiful. It's a lovely medium blue glass flecked polish, and occasionally at sharp angles, the flecks shift to purple. It's awesome and is also super reflective.

And then, layer Snow Globe on top... WOW.

Snow Globe is full of  different sizes of hex glitter that are iridescent pink, blue, and yellow.  It's really pretty and definitely looks great over Blue Year's Eve. Although I might actually like it better over a creme, so that the shimmer and glitter aren't competing for attention. But this is sure as heck awesome, and my favorite combo out of all three that I've done. Do you love this as much as I do?


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