Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough

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And this is the last Ice Baby I have to bring you, one that I was quite excited to try out.

Wet n' Wild Diamond in the Rough

As a base, I started with Aldo Mercury. I actually had this one in my "meh, I'll swap/franken you" pile, but it seemed like it would make a good base for Diamond in the Rough and I liked it a lot! I think I might keep this one now.

And then I put two coats of Diamond in the Rough.




*resuscitates* (fun fact: I got "resuscitates" right on my second try!) Diamond in the Rough has a charcoal tinted base (I think, I can't tell for sure because I layered it) and it's full of small silver glitter and bigger holo glitter. Unfortunately there won't be any sun shots for a while due to the weather we're having, but it looks pretty awesome with flash, no?

The formula was nice like the previous glitters from the same collection. Honestly I don't have much else to say... although it is super pretty!


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