ChG Velvet Bow + Ring in the Red

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So I bought some China Glaze holiday polishes and I'll start showing them to you today!

We'll start with the delicious Velvet Bow.

3 coats. I had to make sure it was all evenly deep so it ended up around 3 coats, but I liked it better with 2. Velvet Bow is a deep, vampy brick red that dries uber-shiny and hawt. I could literally see my reflection in it, no lie. So that merits at about pecan pie bars on the celery-unicorn scale. Never had pecan pie bars? You should. They're delicious.

Next, I layered Ring in the Red on top.

W-O-W this is gorgeous. With a coat of topcoat it was so smooth and shiny and gorgeous. Truly mesmerizing. I like that Velvet Bow underneath provides a lovely depth to it, rather than layering it over a red that matches the glitter. This was a stunning combo and definitely very festive. I can't wait to show you the rest! (PS I did glitter layering combos for all of them, and they're all drop dead HAWT so you better prepare yourselves)

Have you picked up any holiday polishes?


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